Rosane Marina Peralta

Graduated in Pharmacy and in Nutrition, Master in Biological Sciences (Biochemistry) from the University of São Paulo (1986) and PhD in Biological Sciences (Biochemistry) from the University of São Paulo (1989). She assumed the position of a full professor at the Department of Biochemistry of the  Maringá State University in 2014. In the same University she headed the Biochemistry Department and coordinated the Postgraduate Program in Food Sciences.  Her research areas are enzymes and microorganisms of industrial interest, biodegradation and bioremediation, oxidative stress and biochemical-pharmacological effects of natural products obtained from microorganisms and plants on mammalian cellular metabolism. She mentored more than 100 students at undergraduate, master, doctoral and postdoctoral levels. As the leader of the Laboratory of Microorganisms and Food Biochemistry of the State University of Maringá she conducts research with groups of the same University and of other institutions of the States of Paraná, Sao Paulo, Santa Catarina, Bahia, and maintains several partnerships with institutions abroad. In 2014 she was the winner of Paraná Award of Science and Technology. More recently, 2019, she won the Brazilian Women in Chemistry and Related Sciences Award as an academic leader, sponsored by CAS/C & EN/SBQ /ACS.