Adelar Bracht

Biological sciences graduate from the Paraná Catholic University (1972), master of  sciences (Biochemistry) from the Federal University of Paraná (1975) and Doctor Rerum Naturalia from the Ludwig-Maximillians Universität (Munich Germany, 1980). He was full professor of biochemistry at the State University of Maringá  and is presently working as a senior professor at the Biochemistry Department. At the State University of Maringá he was founder and coordinator of the Biological Sciences program for graduated students, head of the biochemistry department and, more recently, coordinator of the biochemistry course for undergraduate students.  His research areas are metabolism of mammals and fungi, bioenergetics, enzymology, pharmacologic and endocrine biochemistry and transport across biological membranes. He was the winner of  the Paraná Award of Science and Technology year 2002.