Miguel Machinski Junior


Graduated in Biochemical Pharmacy from the State University of Maringá (1988), Master in Toxicology and Toxicological Analysis from the University of Sao Paulo (1994) and Ph.D in Food Science from the State University of Campinas (2000). Research Group Leader: Toxicovigilance and Toxicological Analysis. Associate Professor at the State University of Maringá (UEM) and advisor of Master's and Doctorate degree in the Postgraduate Programs in Health Sciences (PCS) and Food Science (PPC). In the last few years he has published: more than 80 scientific articles in specialized journals, 7 book chapters and over 210 publications in annals and congresses. Currently participates in several funded research projects. Has experience in Pharmacy  (Toxicological Analysis) and Food Science (Food Toxicology). Acting on the following subjects: chemical residues in food, mycotoxins, antifungal and antimicotoxigenic activity of essential oils, toxicity assessment of natural products, chemical risk assessment, poisoning, toxicological analysis and occupational toxicology.