Título da Dissertação: Análise Mecânica das Ligas de Alumínio 5383 H34, 5754 H34 e 6005 T6 Soldadas por Processo MIG – EN 131

Orientador: Prof. Dr. Jesuí Vergílio Visentainer

Data da Defesa: 23/02/2018




In order for aluminum designs to be correctly dimensioned, they must contemplate the modifications suffered by the materials caused by the welding. To study how this occurs and to quantify mechanical strength losses, aluminum alloy test pieces 5383 H34 and 5754 H34 and 6005 T6 were soldered by the MIG process with the welding parameters used by the industry that benefits the structures. The macrostructural analyzes were done by means of visual checks and tests with penetrating liquids, the  microstructural ones by means of optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. The mechanical strength of the alloys were determined in the way they are used, that is, similar, dissimilar joints and in different thicknesses, by test of tensile strength, folding and microhardness. Loss of strength was verified in the six combinations of the alloys tested. The microhardness profiles indicated the thermally affected zones that allowed the reduction of mechanical resistance. The main causes of the reduction were the grain growth and the dissolution of precipitates. The information obtained will allow calculations and precise considerations for the development of projects that contain these types of joints.


Keywords: Butt-Weld in Aluminum. Microstructure. Project. Dissimilar alloy. Mechanical resistance. Morphology of Grains.

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